• Secret Delight Oeuf Vibrant Dorcel

Secret Delight Vibrating Egg

The Secret Delight is a remote-controlled vibrating egg that will accompany you wherever you go.

Sextoy ideal for couples who want to have fun and develop their complicity.

Innovative product that offers you a “Boost” function and a voice command.

  • High Quality Vibrating Egg
  • High-end finish
  • Ideal for naughty couples
  • Very comfortable to wear

Product Description

The Secret Delight: A new generation vibrating egg. This sextoy offers a new design, a new engine and new features for even more fun.

With its golden ring and black color, this sextoy for torque is as elegant as it is efficient.

The Secret Delight is 12.5 cm long, with a 7 cm insertion part. As with all vibrating eggs, you insert the main part at the entrance of your vagina and then activate it to receive the powerful vibrations.

The main novelty of this sextoy is the voice control which is integrated in the remote control. You no longer need to press any buttons on the remote control, you just control the intensity of the vibrations by voice.

If you are in a place where the music is loud enough, then the Secret Delight will match the tempo of the music in the room and send you the corresponding vibrations.

This way, you will be able to have fun and reach orgasm wherever you are without anyone noticing, except your naughty game partner!