• Quick Warm

Quick Warm Masturbator Sleeve Heater

The Quick Warmer warmer allows you to dry the sleeve of your Deep Sense or Sexpresso very quickly.

  • Heats your masturbation sheath before use
  • Dries the liner after use and cleaning
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Ideal for replicating vaginal heat

Product Description

The Quick Warm is a girdle warmer for Deep Sense masturbators, and Sexpresso.

The Quick Warm has two uses:

  • It warms the┬ásleeve before use, for a sensation close to that of a vagina.
  • It dries the masturbation sleeve after use and cleaning.

After a maximum of 8 minutes (an automatic stop system is provided), your masturbation sleeve will be at the perfect temperature.

The Quick Warm is rechargeable via USB and is splash-proof.