• Boules de Geisha - Training balls

Geisha Balls – Training Balls

Geisha balls are a revolution. 5 different weights, 1 vibrating ball, 16 vibration modes and a remote control to control it. They are interchangeable to vary the pleasures!

  • Balls are interchangeable
  • Different weights for varying pleasure and exercise to remuscle the perineum
  • Ideal for women wanting to regain control of their sexuality
  • Ability to control vibration with remote control

Product Description

The Geisha Training Balls are perfect for all women who want to remodel their vagina and regain control of their sexuality.

The training balls offer you 5 different balls with different weights. One of these balls is vibrating, and can be controlled remotely with its remote control, allowing you to trigger the vibrations for waves of pleasure wherever you are.

The remote control allows you to trigger the vibrations for a wave of fun wherever you are.

Each ball contains a metal ball inside to trigger the contraction of the perineum.

They are interchangeable to vary the pelvic floor exercises, but also to vary the pleasures.

They are made of ABS, and the string is made of silicone, which guarantees a totally safe use for your body.