• Dual Orgasms Stimulateur

Dual Orgasm Stimulator

Discover new pleasures with the Dual Orgasm stimulator! You can have more than three types of stimulation. A 3 in 1 sextoy, for clitoral, G-spot and vaginal wall stimulation.

  • Triple stimulation: of the G-spot, clitoris, and vaginal walls
  • Feelings heightened by rotating beads
  • 360° rotation

Product Description

Once again Dorcel offers you a novelty that will make people talk about it and above all make you scream with pleasure!

All Dorcel’s know-how and experience are combined in this vibrator. It is a sextoy that offers a triple stimulation: Clitoral, Vaginal and G spot.

The Dual Orgasms offers different ways to please you . You will be able to choose between the 7 vibration modes of the Wand tip and the 3 rotation modes of the insert with the rotating balls . These rotating balls are there to vigorously massage the walls of the vagina. At maximum power, the head reaches 330 revolutions per minute!

This vibrator has two ends with which you can discover and stimulate your erogenous zones. The first one will allow you to stimulate your clitoris. Like a wand, the ball is placed on your clitoris, the vibrations will take care of it.

The second end can be inserted into the vagina. The rotating balls inside the body of the sextoy will stimulate your vaginal walls for your greatest pleasure. While the end of the vibrator will be in direct contact with your G spot and will then be able to trigger its rotations for an intense stimulation.