1. What is a sextoy?

A sextoy is an object especially conceived to give you pleasure. Designed to stimulate your erogenous zones and empower your sensations, the sextoy will raise your libido.


  1. How to use a sextoy ?

A sextoy can be used alone, with one or more partners. Each sort of sextoy has a specific mode of use:

– the cockring is a ring that must be placed around the erected penis. It is made to increase the erection. If the vibrating position is turned on, the ring will increase the sexual intensity of your exchanges.

-the Vibrator is a vibrating dildo. Insert it in the vagina to increase the excitation of the woman.

– the plug is made for an anal use, both for men and women.


  1. Are there sextoys for couples ?

Most sextoys are made for couples to use during sexual activity. Vibrators, dildo, bullets, cock rings and geisha balls are all exemples of couple-friendly sextoys.


  1. How do I clean a sextoy ?

Due to nature of sextoys, we recommend you clean it carefully before and after use with the proper cleaner. A sextoy cleaner is a disinfecting solution manufactured under pharmaceutical control that cleans your sextoys while respecting their material. Proper cleaning will help preserve your toys and increase their longevity.


  1. What is a cockring ?

A cock ring is a penile ring designed to slow the blood flow from the penis resulting in a more powerful and longlasting erection.


  1. How do I use a cockring ?

Place the ring at the base of the flaccid penis. The ring should fit snug enough to maintain erection without causing discomfort.


  1. How do I use Geisha balls ?

The geisha balls are intended for vaginal insertion for easy removal after use, gently pull on the elastomer string. The balls rotate and vibrate with your every movement, creating vibrations and pressure that stimulates the muscles of the vagina and perineum. These sensations will give you immediate pleasure. The length of use can be increased gradually overtime; beginning with 15 min and not exceedig a full day. The geisha balls will spice up any erotic situation.


  1. Can I use my sextoy with a lubricant ?

For more comfort, you can use a lubricant with your sextoy. Be aware that the use of water-based lubricant is recommended with silicone sextoys. For non-silicone toys, either a silicone or water-based lubricant can be used.